season 5 + negative space

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I am a method actor, so when I landed the role I travelled to New York, solved a homicide involving a zoo keeper and two escaped orangutans from Central Park Zoo. Then I bought myself a police badge and practised pulling it out in front of the mirror roughly 48 times! - Stana Katic

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Beginnings + season premiere
Castle Theme Party | Challenge 1

"It’s wonderful. It’s developed over time. I think that they’ve opened up a lot of layers and colors to the character that I think makes her more true to form. She’s a woman in a position of authority, what’s exciting about that is that this show is not afraid of showing all the colors of a woman in authority. Sometimes she is that authority figure, sometimes she is an avenging angel, sometimes she’s in love, sometimes she’s a big dork. I think that that’s believable and hopefully something that a lot of people can relate to, whether it’s a person that they see themselves as, or it’s a person that they see in their wives, their daughters, their mothers, and so on."

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make me choose: elizabeth jennings or kate beckett 
↳  ”Don’t be so driven by the past that you throw away your future.”

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Beginnings + first ‘I love you’
Castle Theme Party | Challenge #01

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